A newly wed couple should keep these points in mind before starting a new life together and decorating their bedroom.

We all know that it is the wedding season, and the couple who are planning to get married must have already started the preparations for their big day. Wedding preparation is not only about the shopping but the couples who plan to tie the knot do discuss other aspects of their marriage preparation, especially designing their home and the room they will share.

It is obvious that the arrival of the new bride brings unlimited happiness in the house. In the Hindu religion, a bride is considered a form of Goddess Lakshmi. On the occasion of marriage, welcoming Goddess Lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity in the family, it is very important that the new member who is going to join the house should be made happy.

Who does not feel comfortable in his or her own room? This is the reason why it is very important to keep certain things into consideration while decorating the room of the newlywed couple. Vastu experts say, “The direction, colour scheme and objects kept in the room should be in accordance with Vastu. This helps improve their relationship and is auspicious for the family as well”.


Direction of the Bedroom

Vastu is a science and a form of architecture. Directions are of great importance when it comes to the bedroom of the newlywed. Hence according to Vastu, the room of a newlywed couple should be in the South-East direction and should be on the top most floor of the building.

However, at times the room of the newlywed couple is not as per the Vastu rules. In such circumstances, the bride’s bed should be in such a direction that her head should face the South direction and the feet should face the North direction of the room. It is important to note here that the feet should not be in the facing of the entrance or the door of the room. If this arrangement is not possible then one can consider the East direction for the head. But when you have to conceive then you should change the direction in which you sleep.

How should the bed be?

You should abandon social decoration and choose a wooden bed for yourselves. “Metal has cold energy while wood has a warm energy. Newlywed couples need warm energy”. Besides this, it is important to note that if the bed has a box then one should not dump the junk or keep any sharp object. Not only this, the mattress should also be single.

How should the mirror be kept?

A mirror forms our reflection. It is the property of the mirror to show things in double and spread the energy. Hence, the placement of the mirror in the correct direction is of utmost importance. In order for you to not be seen in the mirror while sleeping, the mirror should always be next to the bed.

How should the room be decorated?

Most people use photo frames to decorate the room. The newlywed couple should also keep such photos in the room that exudes happiness. Never keep an image of God, solo pictures of human beings or pictures of wild animals in your room. However, the newlywed couple can keep their photos in the room.

What should be the room wall colour?

Use only your favourite colour on the walls of your room. If possible, use red wherever possible in the room. The red colour enhances the energy, makes the relationship sweet between the newly wedded pair and enhances their love. Don’t use the red colour in excess as it is believed to create problems when a couple plans to conceive and the excess usage of the red colour could possibly lead to quarrels or fights between the couple.